Wondering about Fast Track to TJC? Click here!

You may have seen events at TJC called “Registration Rally,” “New Student Orientation” and “Fast Track to TJC.”

So what’s the difference, and which one should you go to?

Registration Rally: For new, current, or transfer students who need to see a TJC advisor before they register for classes. Registration Rally is a quicker way to get your schedule ironed out, rather than waiting for an advisor during normal office hours.

New Student Orientation: Designed specifically for traditional first-time-in-college or transfer students who would like to get the lay of the land at TJC. This two-day event will prepare you for a successful college journey through graduation. Bonus: you’ll get your fall schedule before you leave.

Fast Track to TJC: If you haven’t taken the TSI, and are not sure about attending New Student Orientation, Fast Track is designed specifically for you. We’ll have computers set up for the TSI test, and advisors on hand to register you for fall classes. Get everything done in one day!

TJC doesn’t have an admissions test, but we need to know your test scores in order to place you in college-level courses. If your scores on the TSI test don’t meet a certain requirement, you may have to take a non-credit developmental class in that subject. These courses don’t count toward your college credits, so be sure you take the TSI seriously!

You might not even have to take the TSI. Find out if you’re exempt!

After you take the TSI, we’ll process your results and send them to your advisor so they can help you plan your schedule.

TJC offers Fast Track days throughout the summer, so check the calendar to find out when you can come. And don’t forget, you should still come to New Student Orientation! It’s a blast. You’ll meet new classmates, get comfortable with TJC, talk to your professors, and come away feeling confident in your college plan.


Allen Arrick is the TJC Digital Communications Specialist. You can see his posts throughout this site. He likes coffee and Crossfit.