Four Reasons To Becoming A Student Tutor

For those of us who follow the standard college diet of ramen noodles, the idea of working a job that pays more than minimum wage is enticing.

If this sounds like you and you’re looking for a way to earn some extra income, you’re in luck. TJC is always hiring student tutors!

Why become a tutor?

It’s easy to work into your schedule. As a tutor and a student, you have tremendous flexibility when it comes to setting your hours. TJC’s online forum allows you to post your availability week by week, which allows you the maximum amount of control over your schedule. For tutors in the STEM Center, Writing Center and Quest Center, your weekly schedule is set based on your availability. The directors will work with you to determine which times are best.

The pay is good. Wages working as a TJC tutor start out at $8 or $9 an hour, depending on the center you work in. If you’re interested in getting certified, that rate can get even higher! These opportunities mean more pocket money for the essentials, like Netflix and gas. 

Tutoring helps you keep your grades up. The more you teach something, the better you know it and retain it. Want to make sure you don’t lose your algebra knowledge before calculus next year?? The STEM Center is the place for you!

Tutoring experience will look great on the résumé you’ll be handing out after you do graduate (trust me, it’s not as far off as it seems). Employers recognize that tutoring takes intelligence, patience, and a high level of communication skills – all of which are essential in a work environment!

So the next time you stop by the library for Starbucks, drop by the tutoring center on the second floor and talk to Danna Baggett about becoming a tutor. Your bank account will thank you!


Karina is the TJC Marketing student assistant. She's also a student in the Presidential Honors program.