Picking a major: advice on choosing from the 125+ degrees and certificates at TJC

Picking a major can be difficult. It almost feels like you’re deciding on the rest of your life, and you may not even know what you want to do for a living!

Today we’ll talk about choosing the major that’s right for you, and how you can use that major to find a dream job.

TJC offers more than 125+ degree options, which may seem like a lot. Let’s get to the basics and boil it down.

Certificate or associate’s degrees?

We offer two distinct types of degrees: certificates, and associate’s degrees. We do offer one bachelor’s, but that’s an outlier (for now).

Associate’s degrees are the bread and butter of a college education. They’re complete packages with 60 hours of classwork and most can be transferred to a four-year school to complete a bachelor’s and beyond.

Certificates are designed for adding to currently developed skills, which are sometimes needed to advance in your career. If you’re already on track – but need that one extra skill – a certificate might be right for you.

If you’re looking for a prestigious college degree, an associate’s is a great start.

What classes do you currently like?

Maybe you LOVE math and science! We’ve got a degree for that. Maybe you flourish in arts and language. We have degrees in those subjects also.

Find the one thing you love to do, regardless of the pay scale, and research possible jobs in that field. You may be surprised! Keep an open mind and prepare to explore an array of subjects.

Also, the career services office at TJC has great tools for assessing your skills and leading you toward the right major.

You don’t have to pick right now!

Stressed out? A large percent of TJC students pick a general studies degree. Get your core curriculum done at TJC and it’s guaranteed to transfer as a block to a Texas four-year school. And besides, completing a college degree is about finishing what you start and showing future employers that you have what it takes to be successful.

According to CareerBuilder.com, nearly half of all college-educated workers find jobs in in careers outside of their majors. So, don’t worry, you’re not locked into one path.


Allen Arrick is the TJC Digital Communications Specialist. You can see his posts throughout this site. He likes coffee and Crossfit.