Decoding course names and numbers

MATH 2301 – 001, PSYC 1302 – 002, CJSA 2323 – 001 – What does it all mean! Don’t worry, we’re here to decode college course lingo!

When you search for courses to add in Apache Access, you may see something like this:

Composition I – 10933 – ENGL 1301 – 001

Let’s break it down.

The first thing is obvious: the course subject. In this case it’s “Composition I,” the first in a series of courses followed by “Composition II.” You’ll probably want to take these courses over two semesters.

The next number is the CRN number: 10933. This number is unique to every course, time, and professor. No two courses will ever have the same CRN number, ever. If you needed one number to identify a course, it’s this one.

The next set of letters is the overall major or department, ENGL, or English. If English is your major, you’re probably familiar with this abbreviation.

1301 is a little more complex.

  • 1 – the first number identifies the level. 1 means freshman level, 2 means sophomore. Take this course in your first few semesters, and before any “2” courses.
  • 3 – the number of credit hours in the course. In this case, it counts three credit hours toward your degree.
  • 01 – the sequence in which the courses are usually taken. 1301 should be taken before 1302.

Lastly, the three-digit section number separates different class times. Many courses at TJC are offered multiple times a semester, so this helps to keep them straight.

And that’s it! It’s pretty simple overall, but now you know what all those crazy numbers and letters mean. Now go sign up and make an A!



Kimberly is the lead academic advisor for the School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Sciences & School of Humanities, and Communications and Fine Arts.