Applying for scholarships is easier than you think

I started jumping around the house the second I opened the black shiny envelope. I had been awarded TJC’s Presidential Scholarship! This scholarship made it possible for me to attend college, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities I’ve had these past two years.

TJC awards nearly $4 million every year in scholarships to deserving students like you and I. Scholarships are too important to be ignored, so make sure you apply!

Start by going to and clicking the “Apply Now” button. This will take you to TJC’s general application, your one-stop shop to apply for all the scholarships TJC has to offer.

The application will ask you general information about yourself and your major. Toward the end there will be three short answer questions that will give the scholarship committee a chance to get to know you. Let your personality shine through, use this space to connect with them!

Make sure to do this application early. Don’t put it off, you will forget! The priority deadline for TJC Scholarships is March 1st, so I recommend sitting down over winter break and completing the entire thing so it’s out of sight out of mind. Once your application is submitted, the scholarship committee will review it and match you with any scholarships you qualify for. To be considered for these scholarships, you must be a student studying at least 12 hours during the fall or spring semester.

Don’t assume you won’t qualify! I’ve seen so many students miss out on scholarship opportunities because they simply neglect to fill out this one application. There are scholarships available for a wide variety of interests for both Freshman and Sophomores, so submit your application every year. I received a scholarship two years ago that absolutely changed my life. Apply today – one of those black shiny envelopes could be for you!


Karina is the TJC Marketing student assistant. She's also a student in the Presidential Honors program.