Six reasons to live on campus at TJC

Many don’t know that over 1,200 students live in one of the 8 residence halls on the main TJC campus. Here are just some of the reasons why.

1. Built-in community

You’re set up to forge lasting friendships by living on campus. Not only will you be able to meet new people, going through thick and thin together means many res hall buddies remain friends for life.

2. You’ll make better grades

Research shows that just by living on campus, you’re likely to make higher grades than other students, and are more likely to graduate. Not to mention, free tutoring is available, or you can quickly pop over to get help from professors during their office hours.

3. Cut the commute

Everything is right on campus. Get up, go to class, hit the gym, hang out with friends, study, eat dinner, and run back to your room any time you need to. All without spending a penny on gas.

4. Save money and hassle

You have a one-time payment, your space is already furnished, and no worries about separate internet, utilities or maintenance costs. Even laundry use is included!

5. You’ll never go hungry

Between all of TJC’s dining options (Apache Junction, Subway, Starbucks, C-store…), there’s a meal plan for everybody—and Crossroads Hall residents enjoy their own Chick-fil-A right downstairs!

6. No more FOMO

From ping-pong tournaments in Rogers Student Center to Phi Theta Kappa’s chapter meetings, you’ll have heard about all the events and groups, and have found your niche.

Convinced you yet? Find the TJC Housing application on Apache Access. Priority placement deadline is March 1st for Fall, so submit your application today! For more information, visit


Cassi is a TJC Marketing student assistant. She's also a student in the Presidential Honors program.