5 Tips for Your First Week in College

Starting something new can be daunting, but don’t worry about forgetting any details—we’ve got you covered with your first week at TJC checklist.

1: Double-check classroom locations the day before classes start

So, you’ve got your schedule and a new JanSport backpack. The next thing you need to set out the night before your first day of class is a list of updated classroom locations. These rooms can change before the semester begins, so check on Apache Access a day or two before classes begin.

2: Attend every class and take notes

Start off the semester right by going to classes and meeting your professors. College is not like high school where there is a “syllabus week.” You will jump right into learning new material and important information about how you will be graded all semester.

3: Get your TJC ID and parking sticker (for free!) from the campus police station

Once school starts, there is a brief grace period before you will start getting tickets under your windshield wipers for having a car on campus without an up-to-date parking sticker. However, your TJC ID on a lanyard (with an up-to-date semester sticker) must be worn at all times on campus and is especially important for testing days.

4: Find out what books you need

Usually within the first week or two of class you will find out whether you need a physical textbook or if the material is supplied through an online resource (like Connect or MyLab). Something that I like to do is check at the library on campus to see if there is a textbook for the class I am taking. If I end up needing a textbook the first week of class (before I’ve bought my own), I can borrow the library copy to get an assignment done.

5: Check your syllabus and get a system

I have missed assignments before because they were due by midnight the first day of class. Find out what is due (and when!) along with your professor’s name, office hours, and email/number. Use a to-do app on your phone, a calendar, a planner, or anything that works for you to keep up with your classes. www.tjc.edu/syllabus

So, take a deep breath. New things are good. Happy first week!


Cassi is a TJC Marketing student assistant. She's also a student in the Presidential Honors program.